Home Showing Agent (Dallas)

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  • Dallas, Texas, United States

Home Showing Agent (Dallas)

Job description

Sunroom is reinventing leasing to empower renters. We're in the process of expanding to Dallas, so this role will be on that early team. 

Sunroom was started by the Favor founders, Ben and Zac. In 2018 we launched our brokerage in Austin, Texas. Since then, we've helped thousands of renters find an amazing place to live. We're designing technology to dramatically improve the rental experience for both our agents & clients. 

Showing Agents work behind a mobile app that streamlines home showings across the city. In this role, you'll be showing Sunroom properties, and other units that are on the market our renters want to see. You're responsible for ensuring renters have a smooth and enjoyable time touring properties. When a renter's interested in applying, you'll walk them through the process and answer their questions. 

Since you're on the early team, this role has tons of long-term opportunities to advance your career. You'll be on the front-lines of a market-leading technology-based company that is significantly improving the way that leasing works in real estate.

A few reasons why you'll love working here:

  • Steady pay: You’re guaranteed hourly pay, regardless if properties are closed.
  • No prospecting: Sunroom provides our agents with plenty of renters.
  • Modern technology: We use advanced tech to deliver the best client experience.
  • Zero fees: Sunroom pays licensing costs, desk fees, MLS fees. 
  • Team support: Our team will do all the administrative heavy lifting for you! We set up the tours and handle all of the application workloads. 
  • Freedom: You won't be tied to a desk. Instead, you'll be working in the field. You'll be opening doors for tenants; literally and figuratively.


  • Guaranteed hourly pay instead of commission!
  • Zero marketing, brokerage, or desk fees.

Psst: We're also recruiting for Apartment Locators in Dallas. You can take a look at that position here


  • We're looking for candidates who will be willing to work full-time.
  • You must be a current real estate agent, licensed in Texas. 
    • + 6 months of experience in the real estate industry.
  • Reliable transportation is needed. You'll be using your car to do home showings.  
  • Understanding of the Dallas real estate market is a major plus.
  • You must be willing to work nights and weekends since this is when renters want to tour properties.